Corporate mission
To meet the requirements of economic globalization and knowledge economy era;Insist on a full range of innovation drive, realize sustainable development of enterprises;
Business philosophy
Take the market as the guidance, seek development by innovation, quality, integrity-based brand internationalization
Purpose of the enterprise
Casting a well-known brand
Trust the client


Sichuan Zhongxinhuacheng Petrochemical Co., Ltd. was established at Puguang microfibre new material industrial park, Xuanhan county, Dazhou city, Sichuan province in October 2016, with a registered capital of 107.7 million yuan, unified social credit code of 91511722MA62E8PB7W, an area of 300 acres. It was a professional manufacturer of rubber additives "insoluble sulfur" and ancillary products, with an annual output 60,000 tons of high quality insoluble sulfur. The company is a key project in Sichuan province and a key enterprise in Dazhou city. The industrial park where the company is located has abundant sulfur and natural gas resources, with an annual output of 2 million tons of high-quality sulfur. It has a professional technical team and engaged in the technical research of insoluble sulfur products   since the early 1990s, from the water production technology in 1991 to the most advanced high temperature liquid sulfur atomization production technology (independent invention patent No:ZL201110039618.5). In 2013, it was appraised as "internationally advanced" by the national level. This technology has the advantages of low cost, continuous production and no three waste discharge, and has reached the international advanced level. This production process was listed in the Petrochemical Green Process List (2019 Edition) by the Petrochemical Federation in 2019.

Sichuan Zhongxinhuacheng Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is high technology of leading manufactures for rubber vulcanizing agent in the world. Focus on producing the best insoluble sulfur in the world.