The application of aluminum hydroxide flame retardant in rubber

With the progress of science and technology, the increasing use of rubber, wire, cable sheath, rubber rope, conveyor belts, electrical and electronic industrial use of rubber products and rubber sheet used in public places, in the flame retardant performance for the corresponding requirements and regulations, on the properties of flame retardant rubber products demand is higher and higher.

Aluminum hydroxide as a filler, added to the rubber, the rubber produced internal defect, easy to produce stress concentration, resulting in a decline in the tensile elongation and tensile strength of the rubber. Aluminum hydroxide with rubber blend, the two phase interface is difficult to form the good interface bonding, a large number of fill will produce very big damage to the physical and mechanical properties of the rubber. LiJuan ATH, such as chlorinated paraffin and Sb2 O3 and inorganic flame retardants ATH do not need to fill a high number of copies can achieve higher flame retardant of requirements, and shall not affect the physical and mechanical properties of the rubber.

Concerned expert ATH and Sb2O3 and has been proved by the experiment, the rubber flame retardant properties of the ideal. When the amount of 50 + Sb2O3 (ATH), rubber LOI to 31, the tensile strength of 6.3 MPa, the elongation at failure was 660%, the tear strength of 23.7 kN/m, shao, A hardness of 57 °, burning smoke volume level C. Ats and MoO3 and can significantly reduce the amount of smoke, the smoke when burning rubber volume reached A level, but not significantly improve the flame retardant performance.

Besides, ATH ultra-micronization model.the particle size can effectively improve the oxygen index of styrene-butadiene rubber, tensile strength, tensile stress performance, etc. Aluminum hydroxide flame retardants, with non-toxic, good stability, high temperature does not produce poisonous gas, also can reduce the plastic the advantage such as the amount of smoke during burning, and dewatering endothermic temperature is low, about 235-350 ℃, so in the beginning of plastic burning flame retardant effect is remarkable, at the same time the product price is low, sources, so the flame retardant on the market at home and abroad has developed rapidly in recent years, the global flame retardant consumption of nearly 1.4 million tons, of which 85% for adding flame retardant agent, 15% for reactive flame retardant, the next five years will continue to grow at an average annual rate of 5%, aluminium hydroxide in addition amount was 40%, significantly slow the PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and ABS (propylene eyes/butadiene/styrene copolymer), such as the pyrolysis temperature, good flame retardant and smoke reduction effect. Add 60% aluminum hydroxide flame retardant polyolefin can be used as a building material and automobile, ship interior decoration materials.